Ruth Alfaro

Board Member, BNCR
Costa Rica

Licensed in Public Accounting by profession. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago and has held strategic positions in companies related to the aviation, human talent and international firms, as well as accounting advice, financial and tax, independently. His professional performance has been oriented to audit processes in search of transparency in management for an ethical operation, guaranteeing an efficient administration in the different organizations in which they rendered their services. She has been in charge of the performance and supervision of these processes for large companies consultants, for the analysis of national and international private companies, including public institutions. Costa Rica has a population of approximately 5 million habitants where 49% are women, many of them are head of the family and therefore the only providers of financial support. Since 2010, the BNCR has promoted entrepreneurial empowerment training programs and related activities of financial advisory conjunction with alliances with the IDB-AED.